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Baked Brie

Baked Brie is relatively easy and quick to make and will impress your guests.


-Brie (can be round or pie-shaped slices that you piece together in the pan)

-Stuffing (be creative)

-Can of crescent rolls or other bread

How to make it:

Start with the brie.


Unwrap it and gently cut it in half.





Pear stuffing:

Peal and slice a ripe pear. Place it in a shallow pan with a teaspoon of brown sugar, some raspberries, and sprinkle with nutmeg and cinnamon.

Cover and cook over a low fire until pears are soft. Try not to stir very much to maintain the integrity of the pears. Allow to cool for a few minutes





(If you would rather use a mushroom stuffing, thinly slice the mushrooms (I like to use portabella) and cook in a little canola oil (1-2 teaspoons) with 1 clove minced garlic and 1/4 tsp. chicken bouillon powder. Once mushrooms are soft and most of the liquid has boiled off, proceed with the recipe as directed below.)


Grease the bottom of your chosen oven dish and lay down half of the crescent rolls.

Place the bottom half of the brie over the bread, cheesy side up.






Spread half of the stuffing sauce over the brie.

Place the top of the brie over the sauce, cheesy side down, and spread the rest of the stuffing over the top of the cheese.






Cover with the other half of the crescent rolls. Pinch edges together and work dough so that it’s evenly distributed around the cheese.

Bake in pre-heated oven at the indicated temperature for slightly longer than directed, until it’s a golden color. Serve hot. Enjoy!!

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